The Canadian Society of Soil Science sponsored the first edition of Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis (Lewis Publishers, CRC Press, 1993), the updated second edition of the same book (published by CRC Press and Taylor & Francis Group, 2008), and promoted the publication of the popular reference book Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary (CRC Press, 2001)

The Canadian Journal of Soil Science

The Canadian Journal of Soil Science (CJSS) is published quarterly by Canadian Science Publishing, and is the official technical publication of the Society. It is recognized internationally and contains approximately 70 papers and 800 pages annually. Submitted manuscripts undergo peer review prior to publication, and members of the Society are invited to participate in this process. Members are offered a half-price subscription.

CSSS Newsletter

The SOCIETY NEWSLETTER, published three times a year, is an information bulletin containing Society and member news. It is an informal forum through which members can share ideas and information and keep in touch with one another.