Life as a Soil Science Professional

Special request: participate in our Life as a Soil Scientist profiles!
Our Life as a Soil Scientist section of the blog is meant to encourage students to pursue a career in soil science. We need your help to let them know what it’s like to be a professional! Be like Maren Oelberman, Grace Gowera, Amanda Diochon, Michael Seome Swafo, Timi Ojo, and Daniel Saurette – and follow the instructions below. View Timi’s profile here:

Here are the questions to answer, about 50 words each, please:

  • When did you first learn about soil science?
  • What interests you most about soil?
  • What was your path to becoming a soil scientist?
  • What is your favorite thing about soil?

In addition, please send at least two photos of you in “action” shots. These can be in the field or lab. Please provide the photographer’s name and your Twitter handle. Email for more information!