Proposed Leptosolic Order (Shallow Soils)

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      Jim Warren

      A proposal if forthcoming for the inclusion of Leptosols as a new soil order for the CSSC. Leptosols (greek: shallow soil) encompass thin soils with bedrock occurring within 25 cm of the surface. Suborder/Great Groups will also be proposed for soils with bedrock within 25-100 cm of surface.

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      This sounds promising and is much needed Jim! Would the suggestion then be to add the Order, and integrate Leptic Subgroups into the other Orders? I see this fitting best at the Subgroup level and not the Great Group level.

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      Jim Warren

      Yes the Leptosolic Order would be only for “extremely shallow” soils (<25 cm over bedrock). I agree that Leptic subgroups would likely be the best fit but I did not want to rule out possible modifications to the Great Group level just yet.

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      Richard Heck

      We would need to have coherence with current concepts of Organic soils, over bedrock.

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