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Conference Education Sessions

  • One of the major activities of the Soil Education Committee is the organization of education sessions at the CSSS Annual Meetings

    Below is a list of past conference sessions, session topics, and keynote speakers. Minutes of the annual Soil Education Committee meetings can be accessed by clicking on the date in the last column.

    Date & Location

    Session Topic & Keynote Speaker

    SEC Minutes

    2019: Saskatoon, SK

    Terry Tollefson Memorial Session on Soil Education
    (Marilyn Poitras, Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp Native Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan)


    2018: Niagara Falls, ON

    General Soil Science
    (Dr. Dan Pennock; University of Saskatchewan)


    2017: Peterborough, ON

    Promoting soil: Communicating the importance and value of what lies beneath
    (Dr. Andrea Buchholz; University of Guelph)


    2016: Kamloops, BC

    Experiential Learning in Soil and Environmental Sciences
    (Dr. Sean Maw; University of Saskatchewan)


    2015: Montreal, QC

    Soil Science Education and Outreach
    (Dr. Doug Hayhoe; Tyndale University College)


    2014: Banff, AB

    Introduction to Soil Science: A True Frontier of Soil Science


    Inaugural meeting

    2013: Winnipeg, MB

    Teaching and Training in Soil Science: Part 1 & 2

    2011: San Antonio, TX

    Innovations in Soil Science Education

    2010: Saskatoon, SK

    Soil Science Education and Raising Awareness

    2008: Prince George, BC

    Innovations in Teaching Soil Science

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