CSSS Publication Assistance Fund

Purpose: To provide resources to facilitate the publication of up to 10 papers (per calendar year) in the Canadian Journal of Soil Science by CSSS members with demonstrated financial need.

Value: Applicant and/or corresponding or senior author can submit one request for publication funding per calendar year to a maximum of $1,500. The funding awarded is for the publication indicated on the application only and is not transferable to a different publication. Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis according to demonstrated need, as determined by an ad hoc Publication Funding Committee consisting of the CSSS President, Past President, and CJSS Editor.

Eligibility: The applicant (and corresponding/senior author, if different) must be a CSSS member, and be able to demonstrate need. Preference will be given to early career researchers, or researchers with no access to support from other sources of funding (i.e., supervisor or lab group). Only one application per applicant/research group will be accepted per fiscal year. Where multiple authors are involved, it should be demonstrated that none of the authors have any other source(s) of funding. It is expected that the publication will be open access.

Timeframe: Funds will be available as of October 1, 2019, as an ongoing call.

Procedure to Apply: Download and complete the Publication Assistance Application Form, and email the completed form to the CSSS Business Office. The application should confirm that the applicant and/or corresponding or senior author, or Principal Investigator (where there are multiple authors) do not have funds to support the publication. Where an alternate funding source is available (e.g., research grant, institutional support, etc.), that source should be used before applying for CSSS funds. Applications will be considered only after a manuscript has been accepted by the journal.

Eligible Expenditures: The only eligible expense is the publication fee for an accepted CJSS article incurred after the launch of the Publication Assistance Fund (July 11, 2019). Funds will not be provided until publication expenses can be confirmed (i.e., an invoice statement from the CJSS).

Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement of the CSSS Publication Assistance Fund must be included in the publication; e.g., Funding from the Canadian Society of Soil Science Publication Assistance Fund is gratefully acknowledged.

Reporting: Recipients must send a PDF of the published article to the CSSS office within six months of publication. Documentation is required before the applicants reapply for any subsequent funding.