Communication Committee


The mission of the CSSS Communications Committee is to inspire understanding and stewardship of Canada’s soil resources by engaging scientists, practitioners, and students of soil science for the exchange of ideas and information, and to foster collaboration among the soil science and non-specialist communities.


The purpose of the CSSS Communications Committee is to support CSSS activities by advising Council on matters of communication.


The CSSS communications committee consists of six (6) individuals, including the Western Councillor, Eastern Councillor, a member of the Education Committee, past president,  a CJSS editor, and two ad hoc members.


The CSSS Communications Committee aims to:

  1. Foster active outreach and communications activities to increase the visibility of the CSSS and promote soil science to the public.
  2. Identify the Society’s communications needs and priorities through appropriate consultation and develop policies and guidelines respecting both internal and external communications of the CSSS.
  3. Identify necessary budgetary requirements related to the delivery of communications.
  4. Support the efforts of Council and other CSSS committees or working groups by consulting around:
    • website, newsletter, and email, content and messages to the membership, media and public generally,
    • the dissemination of media-worthy content, and
    • media enquiries.
  5. Provide recommendations to the council as to the type and desired reach of any traditional (website and newsletter) and social media initiatives (blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) of the CSSS.


The Committee will hold meetings at the call of the chair, a minimum of twice per calendar year, either in person or virtually.


The Communications Committee shall report to Council through the chair of the committee and provide an annual report of activities at the AGM.