Bing Si – Soil Science Society of America Fellow

Bing Cheng Si, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, CANADA – SSSA Fellow: Bing Cheng Si is Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He is recognized internationally for his contributions to soil physics and ecohydrology. Bing is especially known for characterizing soil spatial variability at the landscape scale, unraveling the “hidden” ecohydrological function of deep soil, and revealing the “unseen” eco-pedological impact of minor textural contrasts in a soil profile. He developed the theoretical relationship between water-conducting soil macroporosity and infiltration rates. His research on soil thermal properties and processes has improved the performance of land surface models. Dr. Si’s discoveries and innovations have not only transformed soil science, but they have boosted the ways we manage our agricultural systems while sustaining the environment, to the benefit of farmers, natural resource managers, industries, and policy makers.